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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Priests were fishing, when one of them caught a huge fish. "Look of the size of that sonofabitch!" He said. The other priest looked at him with disapproval, and scolded him, "Watch your language." "But that's the name of the fish." He said. When they returned from their fishing trip, they told the nun, "The pope is coming to dinner, can you cook this sonofabitch?" The nun was shocked that the priests would use such foul language. "That's the name of the fish." they said. So the nun cooked the fish. When the pope arrived for dinner, he complimented the fish. "I'm glad you like it." said the preist. "I caught the sonofabitch." "I cooked the sonofabitch." said the nun, to which the pope responded "You know what? You fuckers are alright."
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